What Type of Work Does a STOP Franchisee Handle?

  • Water Damage

    Water damage restoration is a commonly needed service. Broken or frozen pipes, overflows, and sewer back-ups are common situations where water damage restoration is needed. Immediately, the house or building must be dried out. Fast response is absolutely critical. Standing water and/or carpeting must be extracted. Carpeting might need to be removed. Professional grade fans and dehumidifiers are used in specific quantities and methods to quickly and thoroughly dry the structure. It is estimated that there are ten water damage situations for each fire event in homes and commercial buildings. These are the events and the skills that put professional water damage restoration contractors in high demand. STOP’s technical support staff and our management/marketing support continues to build the finest restoration companies across the country. We’re proud that STOP is unbeatable in the water damage restoration field.

  • Smoke Damage

    Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire. In some cases, the smoke alone can cause the most damage to a home and to one’s health. Smoke odor may remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless they are properly deodorized and cleaned. As a STOP Franchisee—you will use unique processes that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors. During a fire, smoke can permeate walls and other surfaces and drift through household ducts, where it becomes trapped. If not properly removed, smoke odor reoccurs from time to time, especially during warm or damp weather.

  • Fire Damage

    It’s a very intimidating experience to witness a house fire. Fire damage can give you a “where to start?” feeling. The technical knowledge needed for fire damage restoration can, of course, get pretty complicated. But, when one takes a couple steps back and looks at it logically, most jobs are pretty understandable. If you have no construction experience—you may not opt to offer full-service reconstruction initially. Franchisees begin to divide bigger projects into smaller projects. Our systems will teach you how to simplify the process and your perspective on the project. We will teach you a step-by-step approach to carefully plan the process and ensure that you have the technical skill involved in fire damage removal, structure rebuilding and restoration of damaged contents. Claims adjusters enjoy STOP’s brand of communication, cooperation and focus on the goal… getting people back into their home or building as soon as possible.

  • Mold Damage

    Also known as mold remediation, mold cleanup and mold removal is another service that Service Team of Professionals franchises perform. Pipe leaks, leaky roofs and windows can set the stage for mold growth. In many cases, mold can be completely harmless. In excessive amounts, however, mold cleanup can be a mandatory step in attaining a safe, comfortable environment. Much of this mold cleanup and mold removal is covered by insurance policies. Add this to STOP’s complete water, smoke, fire and indoor environmental services (bio-hazard, trauma scene, etc.) and you will be a one-STOP provider for insurance related property damage situations. Our marketing systems and processes will help ensure that STOP is the first call from insurance agents and homeowners.