How Will I Find Customers?

Home Restoration Franchise

Besides managing your local reputation for service and excellence, finding and serving new customers will be the most important ingredient in the successful build of your business. A service based franchise requires that you implement a solid marketing plan and ensure that a great service is delivered. If you follow the plan–sales will increase. Service based businesses can grow to a significant scope and size if you follow our plan that is based on stable growth, which is the backbone and the tradition behind the STOP brand.

The BIG GAME CHANGER in the restoration industry is repeat sales. These repeat sales are not typical in comparison with other industries. In restoration, when following a marketing plan like STOP’s, you not only stand in a position to gain repeat customers, but you can win repeat referral sources… people in powerful and influential positions that can steer work your way.

So how do you find customers? Let us share just a sampling of the components that help make our franchise locations successful.

Franchise owners will find that using referrals and networking are part of building a large restoration company. Find a million-dollar restoration company–and you will learn that they built it through relationships. Consider the fact that most people call their insurance agent first when they have water damage, fire, smoke, mold or other household disaster. In the end, the insurance companies want to work with a company who is responsive and provides quality work. The STOP marketing program provides you a comprehensive road-map that can help you build a strong referral network.

Let’s consider also the sources you might find in your local networking organizations (Chamber of Commerce, BNI, service orgs., as a few examples). Community business alliances and service groups will keep you and STOP at top-of-mind awareness when someone has a disaster.

The STOP marketing program provides you a comprehensive road-map that can help you build a strong referral network.

When a consumer searches for help after a home or office disaster (or other needed service that you provide), we want to ensure that our messages showcase the value of what we offer. We write copy and will assist you in writing copy of your own. So whether our brand messages are delivered through digital sources (website or search), social sources (Facebook or LinkedIn) or traditional sources (local news releases, print, etc), we want to be ready when someone needs our services. You are equipped in STOP with the tools to compete in the digital age.