Do I Need Background in The Construction Industry?

It is not necessary for you to have a construction background to own a STOP franchise. Our training ensures that you can manage all aspects of any job that your are confronted with.

We do have quite a few franchisees in our system that have no prior construction background. We also have others with strong past experience. The most important thing to share with you as you enter the restoration industry is that we will tailor you to start with cleaning and water damage jobs, scheduled service jobs such as mold remediation and plenty of other opportunities that will not require reconstruction work. We have done this many times before. You can relax knowing this is “not our first rodeo.”


Many get confused or intimidated by construction tasks. But as a manager with STOP training and support, you’ll learn that it is really the same as hiring other professionals like accountants or lawyers. You will hire subcontractors that are experts at reconstruction by the same logic. We’ll keep this seemingly complicated monster simple and efficient. Just follow the system and call on us for questions along the way.

So start where every other new franchisee starts…. And leave the step-by-step process up to us. Our bet is that, like so many that came before you, you will evolve into a full-service (construction included) STOP restoration contractor. Construction experience is great, but not at all a requirement.