The STOP 10

Proven Business Model

Our track record spans over four decades in the restoration industry. Through the years, we have found a couple key factors that help a person build a restoration company, and consequently, may help you in researching a restoration franchise.The biggest field-leveling factor is the “Item 19” in the franchise disclosure document (FDD). The Federal Trade Commission gives franchisors the Item 19 as the only place in the FDD the franchisor can brag about their own work. If a franchise fails to share info in their Item 19, one can only guess why. The second factor that should weigh in heavily in your franchise search is the validation received from current franchisees. Validation cuts through all the sales literature, websites and salesperson hype you might run into during your franchise search. STOP’s Item 19 shows continual growth of our averages as franchisees age in this program. STOP’s Item 19 also shows companies owned by a diverse group of franchisees that reach industry-leading sales levels in a variety of territories; small towns, big cities, young owners, older owners, etc., etc. We invite your diligent research.

The Right Culture

Today, the franchise system is strong and growing, with new Franchisees buying up territories throughout North America. STOP franchisees have helped an estimated 167,000 home and business owners recover from a range of water, fire, indoor environmental issues and disasters since the beginning. The STOP franchise system is primed to grow significantly in the coming years and we are humbled and proud of the successes we have helped create throughout our family of STOP Franchise owners.

Low Investment

STOP’s total initial investment is under $100K – The cleaning industry has always been known for its low-cost entry and incredible upside potential. STOP’s low initial investment shows our respect for this tradition and our integrity. Gladly starting out our franchises on a smart budget proves our talent in building restoration companies. Instead of milking our franchisees for fees, we bring numerous discounts with national vendors that feed your bottom line. We promote the STOP brand in many ways, including a strong internet structure. We are after the same thing you are; your success. It shows at every turn.You will start with the necessary equipment and supplies you can expect to need in your first year of business. Why spend more? As you grow, let your business finance your future capital needs such as equipment, shop space, and vehicles. Our royalties are also very fair and we do not charge an advertising royalty… because restoration isn’t a retail business. The fun part: Keep more of your money with STOP.


Large Protected Territories

Compare the size of a STOP marketing territory to 3 to 5 territories of other service franchises. You can’t serve your community and build a big company without a big area to do so. STOP’s executive business model aims to do just that. From our low initial investment and royalties to our production efficiency systems and power-in-numbers buying, every element in STOP has BUSINESS BUILDING in mind. A big territory is quite an asset as your company grows and your capability to serve increases. STOP puts everything in place. We win only if you win… so we give away big chunks of protected territory. That’s where the rubber meets the road in service franchises.

Branding and Marketing

STOP takes a very comprehensive approach to your marketing mix. Relationship Marketing, Insurance Lists and SEO all play into building the best restoration company possible. Restoration is not a retail service, but a strong digital presence is helpful. We provide your website, kick-start your SEO, and teach you how to stay on top of searches to be found by those in need of your services. Our technology will put your site in a great position to rank on local search engines, thanks to our structure and power in numbers. STOP is also doing a great job of branding with insurance companies. We have a number of relationships with insurance companies and claims administration programs. These “lists” are not the reason you should choose any franchise, but may add to your workflow. Aside from lists, there are hundreds of insurance companies and other professionals to connect with and you will need training and strategies that go far beyond the idea of insurance lists or the internet. Streams of work and loyalty from referral sources can be earned in the restoration business. This is something to cultivate! All of these streams of work and loyalty must be earned and maintained with relationships. Relationships with local referral sources are critical and trump all else. If you can get out, meet people and promote your company in the community, the restoration industry rewards these efforts. We’ll show you how.

Powerful History

Established in 1971 as a business consulting firm, our founder Mack Clark helped scores of cleaning companies grow to dominate their markets. Restoration was an industry that knew little about management. Mack brought management and marketing systems and processes of big business to “little guys.”By the 1980’s, Mack had secured a place in the restoration and construction industries as the most popular speaker and finest business consultant available. Some have referred to Mack as the Grandfather of restoration marketing. The 1990’s revealed that STOP’s list of clients, all operating with STOP direction and systems, was nothing shy of a franchise without branding. Brian Clark guided the transition to the franchise model and added nationally recognized technical advisors to STOP’s proven formula, already heavy on business planning and management/marketing systems. In 2008, the transition from a consulting company to the franchise brand, Service Team Of Professionals, was completed. STOP continues to modernize the industry, raise the bar on restoration franchising and collect happy franchisees.

Happy Franchisees

STOP is probably the closest thing to family a professional organization can become. We build restoration companies. Our franchisees are served. We bring our franchisees together three times each year. They gain friends. They become our friends and they become friends with each other. STOP runs on systems and has strong footings in the restoration industry. This combination forms our culture and brings cohesiveness to the brand. STOP has a vocabulary that is half restoration industry and half STOP. In this language, our franchisees share success stories. They share challenges. They rely on us and support each other. We start our Initial Training with the statement “Our biggest and best franchisees call us the most.” We want to support our franchisees to whatever level they will allow us. Why? Because we know the power of our knowledge, work ethic and the STOP systems. For these reasons and others, STOP has happy franchisees. And we are looking for others that see a good fit in our brand.


Recession Resistant

Water Damage, Fire/Smoke, Mold and other bio/environmental clean up work is necessary regardless of economic conditions. Unlike so many other service businesses, restoration work, due to accidents, storms, plumbing and electrical failures, occurs independently of good times and bad. This multi-billion dollar industry is exciting to big-thinking entrepreneurs. What a great industry to use and hone your management and marketing skills! Insurance companies pay for over ninety percent of the work we do. To pad the odds, STOP also focuses on scores of other viable referral sources. Because fires and floods happen; because mold grows, there is a need for professional service providers after these traumatic events. Referral sources and customers look for sensitivity, technical competence and customer service. Enter you and your STOP franchise.

Training, and Support

The value of support depends on the value of the provider. With over 150 years of restoration industry experience behind them, you can be assured of cutting-edge, honest guidance from STOP. Training and support is king at STOP we provide twenty (20) Days of 1st year training. Our Initial Training consists of six days at our training center in Southern California. Your brain will be very full. In the course of your first six months, you will pick up 12 more days of specialized technical training (including certified industry courses) and a 12-hour estimating course online. We mix your initial training into blocks to help you absorb this abundance of information. Our first-year training regimen will serve as your foundation of knowledge as you build your Service Team of Professionals restoration franchise. As a critical part of your growth, STOP sets the bar high in continued support. We hold 3 (three) two-day conventions annually and encourage your attendance. As a way to say thank you for being part of STOP, we pay for your hotel and food at Initial Training and at all three STOP conventions.

Perhaps the biggest difference maker in STOP is our on-call consulting. Isn’t this why you’re looking for a franchise instead of going it alone in business? Your franchise is only as good as the people behind it. This includes you, your staff and the people available to you for advice. STOP‘s consultants are here for you. We will train you and support you. We are only a phone call away, every day. And, again, isn’t this what you expect from your franchisor?


Executive Model / Scalable

Most of our franchisees had no prior restoration experience when they chose STOP as the path to fulfill their goals in the restoration industry. We’ll teach you how to do this work. We want you to know what your company does to generate revenue, but STOP is not a job on a truck. We will start our relationship with a business plan. This is the beginning of separating yourself from the truck… and from the competition. As you get rolling, you will recruit employees, workers and sub-contractors to perform your services. You’ll target work in a number of ways to include meeting with white collar professionals (that expect the top service providers to seek relationships with them). These include insurance reps and property managers to name a few. Our track record for building companies would not be possible without the management systems we teach and preach. We invite top-notch executives to research STOP as a very viable option to help you realize big goals. If you aren’t done learning, have energy, and like to work with people, we look forward to meeting you.